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What is an Interim Barring Order?

Interim Barring Order

Domestic Violence Act 2018

Barring Orders and Interim Barring Orders

The major change is that there is no minimum period of cohabitation required for cohabitant applicants.

Therefore, the following applicants are eligible for Barring Orders and Interim Barring Orders:

  • Spouses and civil partners
  • Cohabitants who live in an intimate relationship
             NO minimum period of cohabitation required.
             NO need for the relationship to be "committed".
  • Parents when the abuser is a non-dependent child (i.e. if the abusive son/daughter is an adult).
  • All of the above include former partners (e.g. former spouse, cohabitant etc.)

As before, an Interim Barring Order lasts up to 8 working days.