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Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is the physical, sexual, financial, emotional or mental abuse of one partner by the other partner in a relationship which may or may not be one of marriage or cohabitation and includes abuse by any family member against whom a safety order or a barring order may be obtained by another family member.

Domestic abuse is not confined solely to heterosexual relationships but also occurs within lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) relationships. It occurs online, via harassment on social networking and other websites.  Though women in heterosexual relationships account for the majority of reported victims of Domestic Abuse, men in heterosexual relationships, and men and women in same sex relationships, are also victims. In addition, children in homes where Domestic Abuse exists will suffer. Domestic abuse also presents itself in the shape of abuse of older people by abusive spouses/children/relatives/carers (elder abuse), and abuse of people with disabilities by their carers, partners or relatives.  Therefore, there is diversity among victims.

Domestic abuse crosses class, gender, race and religious belief.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Policy 2017 is available here

Domestic Violence Act 2018 is available here

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