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Road Safety Alert – Weather Warnings issued by Met Eireann on the 15/10/17

In addition to these named counties, Dundalk Bay and Harbour may also be particularly impacted by tides (around 9pm). The remainder of the country has been issued with an Orange warning.

People living in areas where a Red level weather warning has been issued should not make any non-essential journeys. There should be no cycling in RED zones and avoid where necessary elsewhere.

Drivers of high sided vehicles and motorcyclists should also be aware of the extreme danger posed by gale force winds as they are particularly vulnerable.

People living in coastal areas are also being warned of the risk posed by flooding from storm surge and the Coast Guard is requesting members of the public to avoid any visits or walks to coastal or cliff areas.

It is envisaged that there will be significant damage caused by winds, especially in the nature of fallen trees and downed power wires.  Please assume that any fallen wires are live and do not approach or touch the wires.  Please report any fallen wires to the emergency services.

Please listen to local media/social media for updates on the progress of the storm and associated warnings and/or advice issued by the emergency services.  Please heed this advice.